New Features

We have updated Vehicle Spy to meet the needs of the latest vehicle network technologies and add even more features than before!
Gateway Builder:  Adapting older tools to newer networks? Creating cybersecurity tests? Or you simply want to adapt an old component to your new bench, many of us can use a “gateway” that we can create and modify easily with no need to script or program. The Gateway Builder is your new best friend. You can now simply use drag-and-drop with simple menus to create a powerful gateway with HIL-like performance. You can create Gateway such as; CAN to CAN, CAN to LIN, CAN to CAN FD
Control Your Instrument with Vehicle Spy:  Use Vehicle Spy to control your rackmount and benchtop lab equipment, in conjunction with your vehicle network testing. The Instrument Control feature gives you the ability to do even more within Vehicle Spy and merge with your existing tests. Use SCPI to control of scientific instruments while the Device Under Test (DUT) is being exercised and messages read via CAN/LIN/Ethernet.
16x More CoreMini Space: Have you been a big fan of scripting but your scripts are too big to fit? We have the solution. Our current generation of products can now support up to for next generation of Intrepid products such as neoVI FIRE 2, ValueCAN 4 series, RAD-Galaxy and more.
SOME/IPVehicle Spy now supports the SOME/IP protocol including Service Discovery, in the Message view and its Preview Pane (dissector).
Extractor Improvements + up to 1TB SD Card Support:  Getting your data once required you to extract the entire recording and then find what you want. We’ve made that much better by allowing you to pick the files you want on the SD Card and only download what you need. The updated Extractor View helps you see all logged files on an SD card without extraction, and then allows you to select which ones to extract. As part of this improvement, we now support a maximum of 1TB storage for neoVI Fire2, RAD-Galaxy, neoVI ION* and neoVI Plasma*
* — Requires updated FLEXRAY-VNET-Z
RAD-SuperMoon Support: Using the new RAD-SuperMoon, you can convert from 100/1000BASE-T1 Automotive Ethernet to standard 10/100/1000 Ethernet.  This is useful for connecting a PC to a 100/1000 BASE-T1 host or switch.
Connect Analog and Thermocouple DAQ channels directly to your neoVI Fire 2, neoVI ION, or neoVI PlasmaThe RAD-IO2 series is a family of ruggedized products that provide an isolated analog, digital or temperature interface to a PC via the PC’s USB port. These tools can now be paired with Intrepid products with a USB Host Port such as neoVI ION, neoVI FIRE 2, RAD-Galaxy, and RAD-Gigalog. In addition, the RAD-IO2-CANHUB can power and convert the native UART signal to CAN or CAN FD for use in any CAN device.
Datalogging of Autonomous Vehicles and Benches up to 6+TB: The RAD-Gigalog allows you to record Gigabits/sec data streams with up to 6 Terabytes of history.  This means video or radar streams can be recorded for hours, while traditional high-bandwidth CAN/CAN FD networks can be captured and preserved for years!
Vehicle Spy is Now IoT Ready with neoOBD2 Pro:  An open platform, professional-grade vehicle network adapter for CAN, CAN FD, SW CAN, LIN, and Ethernet networks.  The neoOBD2 SDK allows you to create your own embedded automotive IoT applications for the Wi-Fi and BLE modules.
ValueCAN 4-1: An extremely low cost CAN only model for just $150. Features full-color LEDs, stand-alone mode, a sealed IP66 metal case USB Type-C option and pocket-sized unit ideal to take with you on the move.
ValueCAN 4-2: Features two CAN FD channels, backward compatible with CAN 2.0. With 10 Mb/s CAN FD performance, software controlled CAN termination.
ValueCAN 4-4: Four CAN FD channels in one cable, backward compatible with CAN 2.0. With 8 Mb/s data rates on both CAN FD channels. Options available in DB26, OBD2, and 4x DB9.
ValueCAN 4-2 EL: Ultimate DoIP standard with one Ethernet, two CAN FD, one LIN channel. With 8 Mb/s data rates on both CAN FD channels. Options available in DB26, OBD2, and 4x DB9 cable.

Ready to Try the New Vehicle Spy?

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