RAD-Expanse and RAD-Flash

Data storage solution for Autonomous Development


RAD-Expanse 产品手册 (PDF)

To help automakers, suppliers and automotive vehicle researchers speed autonomous vehicle development by addressing the data storage needs from sensor to ingestion point across a vehicle development cycle. This removable storage solution helps extend a customer’s PCI-express bus external to the PC or server to allow 128+Terabytes of data storage.

Helping to enable the smooth transition of data throughout its life from data generators like Camera Raw image generation, Radar or LiDAR sensors to the devices that are directly using the data from Graphical processing units GPU to Supercomputers which help fuse the data elements to create a situational awareness around a vehicle for autonomous driving.  There is no shortage of data being generated by vehicles today during development and all the way through long-term retention of data that will be critical for training and evaluating the algorithms being used. Data is the new oil for the automotive industry, the winners will be able to slice and dice the data for analysis and compliance along with litigation concerns over autonomous driving. 

This device will allow customers to place their solid-state hard drives in the form factor of NVMe M2 or M3 on to the RAD-Flash carrier card which inserts into the RAD-Expanse motherboard, this motherboard then allows the extension of the PCI-express bus.  





  • Vehicle level data storage
  • Standalone data logging applications
  • Data storage copy or physical transfer system
  • Expansion of data storage inside data center servers 
  • Data retention using RAID formatting of drives  
  • Standard PCIexpress Gen3.0 drivers

Key Features

  • Made for the In-Vehicle Environment with integrated power and thermal management, large voltage range
  • Operates at up to 64Gb/s at PCIe Gen3 speeds
  • I/O expansion requires no additional software
  • Supports 4 NVMe cards per RAD-Flash carrier 64+ TB of expansion
  • Support two RAD-Flash Modules for 128+TB of expansion in 1HU enclosure
  • PCIe x8 cable connection to RAD-Flash 
  • High-Performance Data logger made for autonomy
  • PCIe transfer system supports 2x RAD-Expanse 1 height unit enclosures