RAD-Moon Duo

RAD-Moon DUO是一种双线型媒介转换器,可以将100BASE-T1物理层的两个端口连接到一个标准的四线型10/100以太网(100BaseTX)的两个端口。RAD-Moon DUO外形小巧且坚固,能轻松地放在手提电脑包中。
Simple, Inexpensive, Yet Powerful
The RAD-Moon Duo contains two different Ethernet physical layer implementations (PHYs) that are internally connected: 100BASE-T1 and conventional 10/100 twisted pair Ethernet. Whenever any data is received over either connection, it is automatically sent out on the other, creating a seamless link between the two attached devices. Full-duplex operation is supported, so data can be sent in both directions simultaneously.

  • 基于Marvell 88Q1010 PHY的双100BASE-T1
  • 使用USB配置和监控两个PHY中的寄存器
  • 仅在一个PHY上发送和接收以太网
  • 支持离线模式,用于以太网通讯的脚本模拟
  • 可通过LED显示PHY和网络状态
  • 可通过按钮在PHY模式之间切换
  • 通过USB 2.0(480 Mbp /秒)支持配置和监控PHY寄存器
  • 支持Vehicle Spy License
  • 5V功率范围内,与车载电源兼容
  • USB Type-C连接器
  • RAD-Moon DUO单通道可用于使用Vehicle Spy发送和接收以太网报文

* Can also be used with BroadR-Reach®.

RAD- Moon
RAD-Moon Duo Connection Diagram
RAD-Moon Connection Diagram
Connect up to 12 RAD-Moon DUOs to a 24 Port CISCO AVB Switch.
RAD-Moon Connection Diagram
RAD-Moon Duo with Vehicle Spy Software
RAD-Moon Duo single channel can be used to Transmit and Recieve Ethernet Messages using Vehicle Spy.
RAD-Moon with neoVI FIRE Diagram