可将BroadR-Reach (100BASE-T1)连接到10/100 Ethernet

RAD-MOON是一个媒介转换设备,可以将一个BroadR-Reach(100BASE-T1)的物理层接口连接到一个标准的四线型10/100 Ethernet的接口.RAD-MOON设备提供了小巧但是非常坚固的封装外壳,便客户能够很轻松的在手提电脑包中携带。

Simple, Inexpensive, Yet Powerful

The RAD-Moon contains two different Ethernet physical layer implementations (PHYs) that are internally connected: BroadR-Reach® and conventional 10/100 twisted pair Ethernet. Whenever any data is received over either connection, it is automatically sent out on the other, creating a seamless link between the two attached devices. Full-duplex operation is supported, so data can be sent in both directions simultaneously.


  • 1个BroadR-Reach(BCM89810) 的物理层端口,可以直接连接一个四线型10/100以大网物理层的端口
  • 支持通过USE端口供电
  • Master /Slave主从模式可以自动切换
  • 可通过LED等显示两种网络物理层的不同状态
  • 便用Molex公司的Mini50作为BroadR-Reach物理层的接插件
  • 10/100 Ethernet的物理层便用RJ-45接插件
  • 结构紧凑,可移植性好
  • 有坚固的铝合金材质外壳保护


RAD- Moon

RAD-Moon Connection Diagram

RAD-Moon Connection Diagram

RAD-Moon and neoVI FIRE Connection Diagram

The RAD-Moon can be used in conjunction with other Intrepid hardware, such as the neoVI FIRE, to provide Automotive Ethernet, CAN, LIN and FlexRay connectivity.

RAD-Moon with neoVI FIRE Diagram