Vehicle Spy3新版发布了,如下是Release notes,如需Vehicle Spy3软件升级服务可联系: icsshenzhen@intrepidcs.com或者致电0755-82723212获得咨询。


Vehicle Spy 3 version to release notes

-Fixed VividCAN Characters being replaced with `~` when deployed with 3.9.0
-Fixed Flexray Vnet Z locking up when transmitting Ethernet messages
-Fixed Flexray VNET not sleeping correctly in Fast Wake mode
-ARXML Opaque signals now shown as byte array rather than intel decoded signals
-Fixed Error with Vehicle Spy 3 Trial version Access Violating when ‘Erase’ button was clicked in the messages view
-Fixed issue where CCP decimation wasn’t working correctly
-Fixed inconsistencies with XX Hex format behavior