neoVI-OBD-1 Cable (DB-25F to OBD-II)

Connector Pinouts and Signal Mapping

OBD-II Pin #OBD-II SignalDB-25F SignalDB-25F Pin #
1Discretionary* (GMLAN SW CAN)SW CAN1
2SAE J1850 +J1850 VPW2
3Discretionary* (GMLAN MS CAN H)MS CAN H5
4Chassis GroundN/CN/C
5Signal GroundPWR GND13
6Discretionary* (GMLAN HS CAN H)HS CAN 1 H14
9Discretionary* (GM ALDL)HS CAN 3 H19
10SAE J1850 –HS CAN 3 L20
11Discretionary* (GMLAN MS CAN L)MS CAN L6
12Discretionary*HS CAN 2 H16
13Discretionary*HS CAN 2 L17
14Discretionary* (GMLAN HS CAN L)HS CAN 1 L15
15L line of ISO 9141-2ISO L7
16Unswitched Vehicle Battery PositiveVBATT25