September 19, 2019 – MIRA Technology Park, Nuneaton

Lidar, Radar and SerDes.
More Vehicle Networks Than Ever.

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Learn from experts about the latest in vehicle networking and embedded tools technologies and solutions.

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Welcome Presentation

9:15 AM

Wait! I Only Have a 1TB Drive!?! Welcome to the Age of Autonomous Vehicle Logging

In the days of J1850, one could easily log an entire month of data on a 512 MB memory card. With the advent of electric and hybrid vehicles, one could log an entire shift of data from a vehicle. Autonomous vehicles produce on the order of 5-10 Gb per second! That could fill your laptop in minutes! How do you deal with logging Terabytes of data? Are the days of “sneaker-net” back again? This presentation will provide a look into SerDes sensors, LIDAR, RADAR and autonomous architectures, and how to log data from these sensors/architectures.


10:15 AM

Coffee Break

10:45 AM


11:30 AM

Autonomous Sensors and Soft Displays: RADAR, LIDAR, and SerDes Cameras

ADAS features and autonomous vehicles now require a host of new sensors. Familiarize yourself with radars such as SRR, MRR and LRR, lidar, SerDes cameras such as GMSL and FPD Link, and the toolset needed to analyze and store data from these sensors.




1:00 PM

Switches for Automotive Ethernet -- Use Cases for the RAD-Pluto and RAD-Jupiter

From prototyping, filtering and re-routing, subnets and VLAN tagging and untagging, switches for Automotive Ethernet are a useful tool in your arsenal. Learn about the use cases for the NXP-based RAD-Pluto for 100BASE-T1 and Marvell-based RAD-Jupiter for 100/1000BASE-T1 networks.


1:30 PM

Analog I/O with Intrepid's RAD IO 2 Series -- An Open System for Analog IO

Many analog I/O solutions like to “entangle” you in their toolchain, leaving your pocketbook even lighter. They love to charge you extra for the isolation you need. What if we told you that you can have an open system and you can get it at a much lower price? See how the RAD IO 2 Open I/O solution provides channel-to-channel isolation at an affordable price.


2:00 PM

Making Networks "Play Nice With Each Other" -- How to program a custom gateway without spending $20K+

Old test equipment and benches may not be compatible with your next generation. So what do you do when your dyno works with the old protocol but can’t support the new protocol? Can your testing support the massive data rates in contemporary vehicle networks? No worries! Use your neoVI as a high-performance embedded gateway. Make a stand-alone “translator”, “custom gateway”, decryption device, or filter. Translate between CAN and CAN FD, CAN and LIN, or even CAN and Ethernet!


2:30 PM

Coffee Break

3:00 PM

Advances in ECU Flashing Solutions

Flashing ECUs within Vehicle Spy has been long absent. At t
he same time, new methods have been developed for our changing architectures. Not only flashing via DoIP and SoAd are now possible, a new Flash View has been created to allow you to quickly create flash “recipes” for flashing ECUs. This presentation will provide an overview of how to flash via Vehicle Spy, expanded to include more use cases.


3:30 PM

We got all the data... NOW WHAT?!? Automated Analysis of Data with Integrated Post Anaysis (IPA) and DataSpy

Often our engineering efforts focus on getting all the potentially useful data. But that amounts to a huge “haystack” which we must sift through to find that “needle”. You need a 21st century solution, one that can automatically process the data and present reports to share throughout your organization. You need IPA and DataSpy. See an overview and demonstration of processing datasets of 1+ TB in just a few seconds.


4:00 PM

Closing Remarks/QA


MIRA Technology Park, Nuneaton

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