Vehicle Spy: 3.9.0 的一些新功能

Automotive Gateway Builder

Modifying messages between modules, routing messages from one CAN Network to another, or even building a new custom message from existing signals on either a CAN or LIN bus just got a lot easier. Using the new Gateway Builder in Vehicle Spy, you can now simply drag and drop one vehicle network to another network. Such as;  CAN to CAN, CAN to LIN, CAN to CAN FD, etc.


Control Your Instruments with Vehicle Spy

Vehicle Spy adds “Instrument Control” to allow the control of scientific instruments while the Device Under Test (DUT) is being exercised and messages read via CAN/LIN/Ethernet. Also,  The new Instrument Editor enables the user to add their instrument in Table View; it is similar to adding messages into Messages editor. You will only need to input the Key, Instrument Name, IP Address, and Port. Function Blocks allow you to create custom programs in Vehicle Spy to trigger on specific conditions in the vehicle data and automatically acquire additional real measurement voltages and currents.

Instruments are Power Supplies, Multimeters, Oscilloscopes, LCR Meters, Source Meters, Frequency Generators, Spectrum Analyzers, etc. 

16 Times More CoreMini Space (1 MB)

32-bit CoreMini space for next generation of Intrepid products such as neoVI FIRE 2, ValueCAN 4 series, RAD-Galaxy and more. CoreMini Scripts allows you to run ECU simulation, Data Logging, Hardware acceleration, Gateways and more without a PC.

SOME/IP (Scalable service-Oriented middlewarE over IP) in Message View

Vehicle Spy now has SOME/IP protocol including Service Discovery supported in Message view through a new dissector. This easy view has configurable fields such as Service ID, Interface ID, Method ID, Message Type, Event Group, Source Port, Source IP Address, Destination Port, Destination IP Address, and Description for SOME/IP frames. Vehicle Spy C Code Interface and Function Blocks also has initial support for SOME/IP.


Extractor Improvements

Redesigned extractor view to help you see all logged files on a SD card without extraction with an option to select which ones to extract and added a larger SD card support for a maximum of 1TB storage for neoVI Fire2, RAD-Galaxy, and FlexRay VnetZ.


UDP Replay

The benefit of the UDP replay is during replay we can rebroadcast UDP messages to allow UDP sensor apps to perform normally. For example, You can directly connect your Velodyne LiDAR to Intrepid device like neoVI Fire2 and rebroadcast your UDP messages to VeloView to visualize live sensor data.



Support for Visual Studio 2019

The C Code Interface is a way to write C code that interacts with the communication protocols Vehicle Spy works with.  The main advantage of using C code with Vehicle Spy as opposed to straight C code is that your code can access of the all the features of Vehicle Spy.  Some examples of features you can access are message decoding, message reception, database decoding, display of signals and buffer capturing.  The C Code Interface supports both event based and procedural step-by-step type C coding.

Redesigned Frame Dissector View

The new Frame Dissector can be now accessible outside of the details panel such as Message View, Expressions (Graphical Panel, Signal Plots, Function Bocks, etc.) and C Code Interface. We also added support for Wireshark Lua dissectors.

BitMaps Support for VividCAN

VividCAN can now support Bitmaps. 16 bitmaps per control and can change bitmap in real-time based on the CAN signal receives.

RAD-SuperMoon: 1000BASE-T1 Support

Using the new RAD-SuperMoon, you can convert from 100/1000BASET1 Automotive Ethernet to standard 10/100/1000 Ethernet. This is useful for connecting a PC to a 100/1000BASET1 host or switch. Learn More > 

View RAD-IO2-TC and RAD-IO2-AIN Data in Vehicle Spy using neoVI Channel

The RAD-IO2 series is a family of ruggedized products that provide an isolated analog, digital or temperature interface to a PC via the PC’s USB port. These tools can also be paired with Intrepid products that include a USB port such as neoVI ION, neoVI FIRE 2, RAD-Galaxy, and RAD-Gigalog. In addition, the RAD-IO2-CANHUB can power and convert the native UART signal to CAN or CAN FD for use in any CAN device. Learn More > 

Support 6+ Terabytes Data Logger

RAD-Gigalog, which allows you to record multi-gigabit data streams with up to 6 terabytes of history. This means video or radar streams can be recorded for hours, while traditional high-bandwidth CAN networks could be captured and preserved for years! Learn More >

Vehicle Spy is Now IoT Ready with neoOBD2 Pro

neoOBD2 Pro: An open platform, professional-grade vehicle network adapter for CAN, CAN FD, SW CAN, LIN, and Ethernet networks. The neoOBD2 SDK allows you to create your own embedded automotive IoT applications for the Wi-Fi and BLE modules.  Learn More > 

Support for ValueCAN 4 Series

ValueCAN 4-1: An extremely low cost CAN only model for just $150. Features full-color LEDs, stand-alone mode, a sealed IP66 metal case USB Type-C option and pocket-sized unit ideal to take with you on the move. Learn More >

ValueCAN 4-2: Features two CAN FD channels, backward compatible with CAN 2.0. With 10 Mb/s CAN FD performance, software controlled CAN termination.  Learn More > 
ValueCAN 4-4: Four CAN FD channels in one cable, backward compatible with CAN 2.0. With 8 Mb/s data rates on both CAN FD channels. Options available in DB26, OBD2, and 4x DB9. Learn More > 
ValueCAN 4-2 EL: Ultimate DoIP standard with one Ethernet, two CAN FD, one LIN channel. With 8 Mb/s data rates on both CAN FD channels. Options available in DB26, OBD2, and 4x DB9 cable. Learn More >