NUC Adapter

neoVI Universal Cable Adapter
Convert what you have to what you need!

Our NUC Adapter solves a common problem for OEMs and their suppliers – working with custom cables.

OEMs often customize the cable pinouts for their ECUs. In most cases, the OEMs order custom-made cables with their desired pinouts.


  • Expensive
  • Need to keep the bulky designs
  • Cannot change the connectors once the cables are made
  • If a change is needed, the entire cable needs to be redesigned and this adds additional costs

The NUC Adapter simplifies cable customization!

The NUC Adapter allows engineers to choose the connector at one end and map the pinouts to the other end based on the custom pinout requirements.

The pinout customization is done by a NUC routing board within the cable adapter.

The routing board can be customized based on pinout specifications. If different pin mapping is required, the board itself can be exchanged.

Routing boards can be created “in-house” by engineers eliminating the need to share pinout details with external cable suppliers.

Cable Options
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